Eric Zero (Èric Seró Cardona) is born in Barcelona in 1991. Since his early childhood he shows interest in music, especially in percussion, hitting on pots, sofas and any other surface he would come across with. At the age of 13 he starts taking drum lessons for three years. Since then he will self-teach himself. Searching for expressing himself melodically, he gets interested in instruments like the piano, the guitar, the bass, the didgeridoo and others.
His fascination with the Universe leads him to study Theoretical Physics in the University of Barcelona, where he graduates at 2015.

Eric Zero Project

In 2012, inspired by composers like Hans Zimmer, Mike Oldfield and Jari Mäenpää, he starts the creation of his first album The Eternal Journey (2014), a project of epic music that combines action and adventure themes with oriental melodies. The album is conceived with the intention of narrating a story through music, using the titles as a guide.
This format will be the one that will mark his future projects. With the need of telling more stories using this method, he will start doing some works and collaborations for video games, movies and others.


In 2008 he listens to a Hang for the first time from the hands of Dante Bucci and is fascinated by his sound and his versatility. Since then he starts saving money for buying one, but after a short time PANArt stops producing Hangs. Fortunately the magic of the instrument is spread across the world and Handpan builders start popping up. In 2016 he buys a Handpan in Barcelona and in 2017 he acquires his second one from Aura. In 2018 he starts his project under the name of Amarok.